Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some corrections by ehm...

Dear Anonyms, are your the same one or just two the both?
Our editorial stuff get two responds, and we don't really know, whether they are made by the same person. Perhaps not. Anyway, the first was:
Is not bomb-like. Is bombe-like.

Bombe is actually a German word for bomb.
UPDATE. It's also a code machine. Like this one.

The second one was:
a note 4 jack:
This note seems to be sent by another person as Jack. They are communicating at our channel and our staff is clueless.

Dear readers, what's going on?
Dear Anonymous, who are you?
Do you belong to MrKrop?

We need some coffee...

UPDATE. Thank you, dear non-Jack anonymous, for clarification. Even if we still don't really understand, what's going on here.


  1. The second anon. post was a message for jack from someone else. Not the same person. If jack can leave coded messages for us, I was simply returning the favor. It doesn't contain anything important for anyone to be worried about. Just a personal message from me to him.
    Sorry for any confusion.
    -anon #2 (I am NOT Jack)