Monday, October 12, 2009

Back to the Island.

Return to the Island * McNutts rolls from rock * Must Read

Return to the Island.

Your humble servant was about to make his breakfast sandwich, as he, i.e. me, got a breaking message by El Igore (thank you, btw!): the Island is alive again.

I have to apologize to you, my noble readers. I wasn't really able to stay tuned about the Island live. I had many things to do meanwhile, like, you know, my own marriage, and stuff.

But now I am glad to come back to West Unfictionopia and I advice you to follow me. If you haven't did it before I did.

Anyway, here I made some Polaroids to give you an idea of my wonderful travel.

McNutts rolls from rock

But how enormous was my astonishment, as I heard about extremely disturbing news.

The news came from a dude named Wangsley. But let's be nice and respectful to him, because he is kinda new representant of the brave Emperor Harold McNutts. The problem is, Mr. McNutts has disappeared. With all the ferrets. As Mr. Wangsley said first. His second message was pretty more disturbingierly:
Harold T. McNuts is dead. When I went through the video footage, just a few days after he "disappeared," security footage shows Harold and a certain Press Secretary(I think this was a new one) headed for a small helipad on the roof of his mansion. There's a bit of an argument between the two- not sure what about, as there's no audio on the videos, but one thing leads to another, and Harold stormed off. I started flipping through the different cameras and discovered he was heading to the secret harbor via Segway(NOW who drives- drove- a sissy vehicle?) with PS in hot pursuit. When they arrive, there's more shouting, and Harold attempted to throw her off of a cliff into the ocean- but she held onto him. I can only assume the fall killed them both.
Somebody unknown leaked one photo to us, and I cannot really get, what's this. Perhaps it's the scene of the fall from the cliffs.

But we will continue investigations. The case of Mr Krop was also not really easy to understand.

Must Read

Our Mapmaker and Registrar of Deeds, Mapmaker, did great work. He made an application to one event *which-cannot-be-named-here*. And this application contains two great maps:

Island Map
City Map
Twinkieville Application (PDF)

The last document is a great and till now the completest infoctuary about our Island!

Thank you, Mapmaker.

Dear friends, come back to the Island and bring your friends and family here, because we have already the first task:

Rebuilding the Population.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New footage of the crime

The ferrets seem to be the the deliquent, who robbed out our luggage. Now Emperor posted more footage of these outrageous deeds.

Does somebody speak ferrets language? Can somebody please translate the ferrets graffiti?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What the ferret?!

We missed actually one anonymous message actually.


And... Now I'm really clueless: look at this.

Are these domains meant as "stolen"?
Your ideas?

P.S. We are really happy to found an old Fialka in our storage hall. Actually I thought, it were an old-fashioned printer.

Monday, March 23, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Stolen luggage!

As Emperor reports,
it appears that shortly before our landing here in West Unfictionopia, someone has broken into and stolen the entire contents of the cargo bay. Now, I'm not pointing any fingers or laying any blame, but with it just being the inhabitants of the island on the ship, the selections for who may or may not have done it are rather limited. I have one photo of the crime scene(attached) at this time, and I'm waiting on the others to develop. I'll be sure to post them with any clues they may offer to us as soon as I have them. Let's try to get to the bottom of this.

Where are our things? And stuff? And all my museum keys?

P.S. Do we see some ferret graffiti? In the "dook"-speak?

A code breaking machine?

Jack is very active. His recent message was following puzzle

"Amazing what you can find in post-Soviet surplus store...


And the solution is:

Now this looks hardly like Fialka (M-125)
This is actually Fialka. So let's decode!


And using Fialka system... We've got following:

UPDATED picture (I switched couple switches, now it's unmistakeble):


Jack writes:


Got a clue.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some corrections by ehm...

Dear Anonyms, are your the same one or just two the both?
Our editorial stuff get two responds, and we don't really know, whether they are made by the same person. Perhaps not. Anyway, the first was:
Is not bomb-like. Is bombe-like.

Bombe is actually a German word for bomb.
UPDATE. It's also a code machine. Like this one.

The second one was:
a note 4 jack:
This note seems to be sent by another person as Jack. They are communicating at our channel and our staff is clueless.

Dear readers, what's going on?
Dear Anonymous, who are you?
Do you belong to MrKrop?

We need some coffee...

UPDATE. Thank you, dear non-Jack anonymous, for clarification. Even if we still don't really understand, what's going on here.

And more strange happenings.

We are in contact now! With Anonymous Jack. He send us two puzzles, and we solved it together with our readers.

First puzzle:

And solution:

pushupsindrag2 (aka umbrellakraken) said: The link is to a picture of the Russian flag.
We said: yes, it seems to be one. (Another island perhaps?)

Second puzzle:

And solution:

umbrellakraken said: Solved it. It's a bomb-like contraption, if I'm not mistaken.
We said: Yes, it seems to be... oh, now it looks a little bit ehm... alarming.

Thanks to umbrellakraken for partizipation.

What's going on there?
And what does mean another code?
And what does mean new code, somebody anonymous send us:
And whether this Anonymous is our Anonymous Jack? Or is he just another Anonymous Anonymous?

Friday, March 20, 2009

A Clue? A Clew? Or rather a "Clue"?

Our editoral office has just got the weird message by an anonymous known as Jack. Well, this anonymous Jack was pretty secretive. So... anyway, here is the message
If somebody can, please decode it. Our editoral runs out of ideas. And out of employee.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's travel time!

Our dear Emperor invites us to a travel:

The time for the big move is upon us. That said, it's time to pack up your bags for the island. A few stipulations are in place:

Each person should pack only things they absolutely need. As we all know, no one will abide by this, some will pack things merely for the sake of want. In order to keep down the sheer volume of luggage, I'm asking that you bring with you only 3 items. Of course, food and other essentials will be provided or readily available from our distributors who will stock our markets. Unfortunately, these distributors only arrive annually. Your task is to decide what 3 things apart from food and other provided items you would absolutely have to have with you on the island.

Collaborate with your fellow islanders! No one will be pleased if everyone thought to bring pots and pans for cooking with them, as 70+ sets of cookware are rather unnecessary. Finer points: if you have a favorite article of clothing, bring that particular article. Simply saying "My entire wardrobe" will not suffice. Clothing/uniforms will be provided for you upon arrival(and in various fashions and design), so if you choose clothing, bring only your favorite articles.

Think outside the box! For one year, these three items will be your only personal belongings that you will have from home. Once you've decided what you're bringing, send an email to for inventory purposes. Also, do note that the cruise will be leaving the port on Thursday. Make sure you have your items submitted by Thursday at 5 PM EST when the ship will leave port.

What are your items?

Hurry up, the time is near.

Here are the items, Minister of Art Kosmopol will bring at the island:

1. My favourite pipe

2. A plan to the huge Museum of Arts, with plenty of keys for every islanders (who can enter the museum every time of the day or night to enjoy the beauty of art)

3. An old keyboard, to play in lonely winter nights or on happy big parties.

Monday, March 16, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: New anonymous letter!

While of updating the list of cards, our fellow citizens have got, we've understood, that this ominous person is... playing! And he is playing with... us!! And he is playing with us... in game named "Clue"!!!

So the answers of our citizens are also significant, they will be upda... WAIT!!
There is a new letter in our mailbox! (Our chief editor will fire me for overusing of exclamation mark!!)

Here it is:
Message subject: Inquiring Minds...
From: MrKrop
Sent: Sun Mar 15, 2009 7:31 pm
To: WUF Reporter

It's time.

Are we also supposed to play? And... what about our Minister of Arts, kosmopol, who hasn't appeared till now on the cards... Is he... perhaps... the kille...

Chef Editor note:

I'm very sorry for dismissing our stuff. But he overused the exclamation marks too much.
I hope, he will find new job with his skills. Like carnival barker or so.
Yours recently sincerely,
chef editor and Minister of Arts Kosmopol.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Investigation: More mysterious cards.

Somebody is lurking in our beautiful city. Our extern correspondent went today across the streets and took interviews with our fellow citizens. And the overall picture is a little bit disturbing.

Many people have got the Cards like Atomic Snowflake had. And speaking with people, we understood the meaning of the list behind the anonymous letter. We want to post all the cards the people got. (Notice the weird correlation with cards found in Pockets of Mr Krop).

Here are the cards with names of people, who had got it.

Atomic Snowflake






El Igore











Gregoriev / Lunsford

Atomic Snowflake



Atomic Snowflake



Atomic Snowflake




Gregoriev, Mapmaker and Oriza


What do the cards mean? Do has some ideas? Please post in comments.

P.S. Our collective sorry for spelling problems in the titles. It seems, the missspellingg epidemy came with this letter, so we wrote: "Invastigantion"