Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's travel time!

Our dear Emperor invites us to a travel:

The time for the big move is upon us. That said, it's time to pack up your bags for the island. A few stipulations are in place:

Each person should pack only things they absolutely need. As we all know, no one will abide by this, some will pack things merely for the sake of want. In order to keep down the sheer volume of luggage, I'm asking that you bring with you only 3 items. Of course, food and other essentials will be provided or readily available from our distributors who will stock our markets. Unfortunately, these distributors only arrive annually. Your task is to decide what 3 things apart from food and other provided items you would absolutely have to have with you on the island.

Collaborate with your fellow islanders! No one will be pleased if everyone thought to bring pots and pans for cooking with them, as 70+ sets of cookware are rather unnecessary. Finer points: if you have a favorite article of clothing, bring that particular article. Simply saying "My entire wardrobe" will not suffice. Clothing/uniforms will be provided for you upon arrival(and in various fashions and design), so if you choose clothing, bring only your favorite articles.

Think outside the box! For one year, these three items will be your only personal belongings that you will have from home. Once you've decided what you're bringing, send an email to for inventory purposes. Also, do note that the cruise will be leaving the port on Thursday. Make sure you have your items submitted by Thursday at 5 PM EST when the ship will leave port.

What are your items?

Hurry up, the time is near.

Here are the items, Minister of Art Kosmopol will bring at the island:

1. My favourite pipe

2. A plan to the huge Museum of Arts, with plenty of keys for every islanders (who can enter the museum every time of the day or night to enjoy the beauty of art)

3. An old keyboard, to play in lonely winter nights or on happy big parties.

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