Thursday, March 12, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: "You are all stupid"

Thankfully an Anonymous in the comment to the previous post called our attenion about my mailbox. We checked it again and found following message:
Message subject: Inquiring minds want to know
From: MrKrop
Sent: Wed Mar 11, 2009 8:09 pm
To: kosmopol

A weaker man might be moved to re-examine his faith...


Has anybody more got this letter?
We forwarded the letter to our Sheriff and to forensic group. Perhaps they could get the finger prints?
We try also to understand what does the list mean? If somebody has any ideas, feel free to comment us!

UPDATE. If you look closely to the letter, you will find at least 2 spell anomalies:
  • "süupids" instead of "stupid"
  • "nevers" instead of "never"
Any clue?

UPDATE 2. The icons under the letter seems to be a signature of MrKrops impostor. It changed somethimes. so at the moment it looks like:

Image... Image... Image


  1. Communication between humans is responsible for the creation of growth
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  2. So...I looked at the letter. It doesn't look to me like stupid is spelled incorrectly. But that could be a lack of coffee combined with a very late night at work. It does look like "You" is misspelled, though. It appears to be Y-o-e to me. Again, that could be because my brain is not working right now.

  3. Yes, Ziola, you're fully correct. I saw "ü" only because I didn't got the inverted "t".

    I ask me, whether the other misspelings have some significance...


  5. Anonymous' letters decipher as: CATCH ME IF YOU CAN FOOLS JACK.
    BTW--Digg this blog and your work on it bigtime.

  6. Thank you for decipher and for Digging, dear Amandel :-)

  7. 'Jack'-2, Sheriff-0
    The idiot knew too much. I will strike again. Who wants some?